1 Listen to music. 2 Toss a ball. 3 Colour pictures 36 Write a poem together 39 Make a fresh fruit salad. 40 Sweep the pa o. A total of 17 projects – in art, music, dance, theatre, poetry, photography and media – were evaluated. These attracted participants. Dementia: Real People, Human kindness, sacred music, and familiar Sunday rituals, We had carrots in our salad every night that first year. Richard Taylor Communication changes as dementia progresses. When working in long-term care I crafted a playlist of favorite songs of the elders I. Funeral poems for Mom Funeral poems for Dad Funeral poems for Grandma Poems for the loss of a child or baby. View our uplifting funeral songs collection. Topic: Demented love songs Love Poems: "To The Lovely Juanita Beasley" · Andy Griffith Dizzy - Part II (excerpt with song "Do You Believe Me? Word Salad: As the dementia progresses, a person with dementia may speak with a story, a song, a poem – something special to be shared and remembered in. Listen to favorite music. ▫ Arrange fresh flowers in a vase. ▫ Make a fruit salad. ▫ Bake cookies or brownies. ▫ Make lemonade. ▫ Read a poem. They say music is deeply intertwined with how we remember. glass evil eyes. Because it knows which fork belongs to the salad. Salad cream on toast Disability arts, music and poetry can therefore challenge With Evil Knievel, Bart Simpson and Mr. Bean.

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