An old-growth forest – also termed primary forest, virgin forest, late seral forest or primeval forest – is a forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance and thereby exhibits unique ecological features and might be. In British Columbia, Canada, old growth is defined as to years of age in the interior of the province where fire is a frequent and natural occurrence. The Old-Growth Forest Network is the only national network in the U.S. of protected, old-growth, native forests where people of all generations can. The study reviews scientific literature on the topic of old-growth forests. Jointly with experts, the study's authors created key messages. Old-growth definition is - of, relating to, or being a forest characterized by the presence of large old trees, numerous snags and woody debris. Old growth forests play essential roles in wildlife habitat, species diversity, hydrological regimes, nutrient cycles, carbon storage, and numerous other. Forest management provides an opportunity to mimic natural disturbance, increasing the growth of trees and the development of old-growth characteristics. Tropical old-growth forests are among the most species-rich terrestrial assemblages on earth. How species composition changes over long time scales during. Old growth forests make up about 23% of B.C.'s forested areas. Last updated: J. On this page: Latest news; A new approach to old forests. With a foreword by Robin Wall Kimmerer, Old Growth features works by: Rick Bass, Alison Hawthorne Deming, John Hay, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terese Mailhot, Emma.

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